Planning aid - timetable until March 4, 2021

Wednesday, 03.03.2021
15:06 - 24:00
OK Engineers' Day

Planning aid up to Engineers ’Day on March 4, 2021

Dear friends of engineers

The Engineers ’Day 2021 is coming towards us in giant steps. We would like to thank you in advance for personally supporting the idea. So that we can achieve the desired effect on March 4, 2021, we ask you to keep the dates requested by us:

Confirmation of your participation in Engineers ’Day 2020 (as an active partner or donor) constantly

Constantly: report contact persons - cooperation with other active partners

Let us know your contact persons, with email contact and, if possible, with a postal address. If you cooperate with other active partners, let us know with whom and who will take the lead.

By December 30th: Report a rough concept - sales channels - reach and planned impact

Let us know which activity (rough concept) you will be doing. Let us know on which channels and to which target groups you will advertise your event, how and when. Let us know how many participants you are expecting and how many addressees you are writing to / reaching.

By January 15, 2021: Report detailed program

Report the detailed program to us with text and pictures for your activity so that we can upload it under the heading Events on the "Engineers’ Day "homepage. You can decide whether with or without registration and via which website.

February 15th: Final call to your target audience for participation

Make sure that your event has been advertised on your channels and reached the target groups. Give us feedback as to whether we should start a final communication offensive again.

If an event involves registration, please let us know how many participants you are expecting.

March 4, 2021: Action "Engineers' Day"

- Your area-wide activities throughout Switzerland

- Press event «Future Engineers Workshop» in Bern for gold donors, patronage members,

Representatives of the associations (advisory board), representatives of the Federal Council and guests from politics and


Yours sincerely

Daniel Löhr and Christian Vils

079 475 13 02 079 401 37 93

Graduate engineer FH

Founders and



Wednesday, 03.03.2021
15:06 - 24:00
OK Engineers' Day