Engineer:inside offers the ideal material for writing stories

Donor: Fleurop Interflora (Switzerland) AG

Interview with Rinaldo Walser, COO

Engineering art is a common term. But art wants to be "told." It must be seen, felt, experienced. For paintings there are exhibitions, for music there are concerts...but engineering art is still not celebrated enough, especially by those outside the industry. (Image above: Rinaldo Walser)

The answers from Rinaldo Walser COO of Fleurop AG Interflora (Schweiz AG):

When and in what context did you first hear about Engineers' Day (then Engineers' Day)?

Through a private contact who told me about the event.

Your company is now participating in Engineers' Day for the first time as a donor. Why are you involved in this event?

We will support Engineers' Day as a supplier with flowers and plants from Fleurop. The floral decoration should positively influence the overall picture and the ambience on this special business day. Since we are participating for the first time, it is important to keep our eyes and ears open to find out to what extent we can convince the attending guests of our products and services. Making our business-to-business service known should be the focus of our communications efforts.

What goal or goals would you highlight as the most important priority in terms of your involvement in Engineers' Day or in everyday life?

Fleurop-Interflora pursues an ambitious goal in its activities as a provider of flowers, plant and lifestyle products: "We create moments of joy. With first-class quality, rich variety and reliable service - anytime, anywhere. We take responsibility for sustainable action towards people and nature."

Why do you think engineers and their achievements are not perceived enough in everyday life, and what can engineers do about it?  

Engineering art is a common term. But art wants to be "told." It has to be seen, felt, experienced. For paintings there are exhibitions, for music there are concerts... but engineering art is still not celebrated enough - especially by participants outside the industry. I think we could all learn a lot from engineering. It can be simple yet diverse. Complex yet simple. Bold yet down-to-earth. In short, it provides the ideal material for writing stories. That's what people want to hear and see.

If you had one wish to be able to influence the promotion of young talent even more, to whom would it go and what would that wish be?

I would wish that seasoned professional engineers would take an interest in the further development of young engineers. But they should not only lecture and pass on their knowledge, they should above all listen and incorporate the ideas of young people into their thinking.

Do you have another wish in connection with Engineers' Day?

I would like to see people who are open and willing to talk and who display a high level of enthusiasm.

What future challenge(s) do you see as most essential, for which we urgently need more engineers?

There are many challenges that shape our lives in the past, now and in the future and that are directly related to engineering. Spatial planning, sustainability, transportation, mobility, etc. etc.

Thank you very much for this interview.

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