Engineering is given a particularly high priority in sustainability issues

Donor: Halter AG

Interview with Markus Mettler, CEO

When and in what context did you first hear about Engineers' Day?
Halter AG has maintained a professional exchange with the initiators of Engineer's Day for years. The event concept, which focuses on promoting young talent, is interesting per se for our company. 

Your company is now participating in Engineers' Day for the third time as a donor. Why are you involved in this event?
It is important to us to support initiatives that promote the next generation. Engineering services in planning and execution are an essential part of our daily business. Especially when it comes to sustainability issues, engineering is of particular importance. There is still a lot of potential to be realized in the future. 

Which goal or goals would you highlight as the most important priority in terms of your commitment on Engineers' Day or in everyday life?
Halter AG is committed to an integrated real estate world. To this end, we have launched The Branch initiative. In particular, it is about establishing a cross-sectional platform across all genres of the construction and real estate industry. Our involvement in Engineers' Day should be seen from this perspective in particular.

Why do you think engineers and their services are not perceived enough in everyday life, and what can engineers do about it?  
The crux of the matter is probably that outstanding engineering achievements are not visible in everyday life - that's what makes them stand out. A state-of-the-art system for regulating the indoor climate, for example, is only noticeable to the layman when something is not working. There is probably no way around bringing these services closer to the public in simple, understandable language. 

If you had one wish to be able to influence the promotion of young talent even more: Who would this wish be directed at and what would it be?
The construction and operation of the global infrastructure and building stock is the most important emitter of CO2. Digital transformation is enabling the construction and real estate industry to move towards a circular economy, and engineering services will play the most important role in this. Our industry already offers enormous career opportunities for the next generation with quite a few areas where real innovation is possible and also in demand... and much more in the future! The numerous educational institutes can accentuate this aspect in their communication.  

Do you have another wish in connection with Engineers' Day?
We are very pleased that Eningeers' Day 2022 will take place in the event hall at the new Halter AG headquarters in JED in Schlieren and wish all participants a stimulating exchange.

Further information: halter.ch

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