Being an engineer means, above all, pushing things forward.

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Interview with Prof. Hanspeter Keel, Lecturer Product Development & Design, OST - University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland

Engineers often work in interdisciplinary teams and focus on performance rather than the individual. Engineers are often quiet creators. They enjoy the results of their work and think less about marketing. And so the fruits of our labor are not harvested by the engineers themselves. 

Answers from Hanspeter Keel about Engineers' Day.

When and in what context did you first hear about Engineers' Day? 
The engineering profession has too little presence in Switzerland. In my opinion, the contribution that engineers make is not appreciated enough in society. And so I thought it was great when the two initiators organized the first one.

Why are you involved in this event?
Many of the problems of the future can only be solved if engineers develop solutions for them. These solutions bring added value to our country and are therefore an important part of our prosperity. In order to find the necessary people for this field, we have to demonstrate the attractiveness of the engineering profession. This is where Engineers Day plays an important role.

What goals are you pursuing with your involvement in Engineers' Day?
Being an engineer means, above all, pushing things forward. That comes with responsibility. And in Switzerland it is sometimes not easy to make big changes. Here I hope that greater awareness can show the creative power of engineers to meet the challenges of the future. We have a great potential in many areas with the good schools and universities in engineering. But we also need bright minds who want to get involved.

Why do you think engineers and their achievements are not perceived enough in everyday life and what can engineers do about it?  
We often work in interdisciplinary teams and focus on our performance rather than on ourselves. Engineers are often quiet creators. We take pleasure in the result of our work rather than in marketing it. And so the fruits of our labor are not reaped by the engineers themselves. 

If you had one wish to be able to influence the promotion of young talent even more, who would it be and what would it be?
As a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences, I have deliberately chosen this path in order to prepare the next generation for the future challenges on the labor market. My aim is to ensure that Switzerland remains competitive in the future with good engineers. Today, these people are competing internationally for their jobs. For this, they need the best methods and tools. Wages must be competitive compared to similar professions. But this also requires a sense of pride and joy in the daily work. Because those who take pleasure do their job well and will be successful. 

Do you have another wish in connection with Engineers' Day?
I would like this day to be a complete success in 2022 and to shape awareness for engineers*. With our innovative power, digitalization and engineering specialties, we have incredible potential for the years to come.

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