Engineers' Day 2023

The next Engineers' Day is on Saturday 4 March 2023.

Engineers’ Day 2023 – World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development

On Saturday, 4 March 2023, it will be that time again and we can celebrate the fifth anniversary of Engineers' Day together.

What began on a small scale in Switzerland in March 2018 has become the most important day for engineers. Because we want to achieve the following with it:

Vision of Engineers' Day:

"As Engineers' Day and World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development, 4 March is anchored in the Swiss population and promotes the excellent image of the engineering professions, the next generation of engineers and a broad discussion about the sustainable development of the world and society. Across Switzerland and decentrally, projects and events on engineering topics take place at all universities, companies, schools as well as objects on 4 March."

Mission Statement:

"Engineers are capable of making an important contribution to lead our society positively into the future. As personalities who deal with the topics of technology, nature and society on a daily basis, they create well-founded solutions that interact with each other.

On 4 March, this concern will be broadly presented and discussed in public. We want to motivate and empower all engineers to position themselves in the public with pride and as role models with their person and the performance they provide for society, day after day, in every conceivable situation and especially on every 4th of March."

What can you do concretely to help us achieve this vision together?

Put yourself in the spotlight as an active partner on 4 March!

Participate as an active partner in Engineers' Day 2023 and prepare an event with your organisation (company, school, association, etc.) for 4 March to bring the outstanding achievements of your engineers closer to the public. In addition, select one or more of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that your organisation stands for and make them visible on Engineers' Day. Your event will be listed on the homepage www.engineersday.ch and promoted on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). Your cost contribution is CHF 500, including a ticket to the networking event. Click here to find out more about the active partnership. Examples of past events can be found here: Pictures

In this way, we will jointly achieve nationwide visibility in order to gain the attention due to engineers among the population and in the media.

Network event on 1 February for additional media attention

In addition to the events that take place all over Switzerland and are organised by you, the Advisory Council's core team organises a media-effective networking event that takes place on 1 February in Berne and at which you can be present as an active partner. At this event, a different specific topic of the 17 SDGs is taken up each year and discussed controversially with specialists as well as those present. Pictures from 2022 in Schlieren

Support our vision and the networking event as a donor

Silver Donors (publication on the website)

You can support our initiative with a contribution of CHF 3,000. You will be listed or mentioned on the website under Engineers' Day Donors as well as in the social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc.) as a Donor 2023 and can participate in the networking event with several people. 

Gold Donors (will be published on the website and receive additional media attention)

In order for us to be able to accompany the event in a media-effective and professional manner, we are looking for sponsors who will financially support the media work. You will be mentioned as a Gold Sponsor, can participate in the networking event with several people and will be listed in the social media as well as on the website under Engineers' Day Donors. Amount: CHF 6'000.

Platinum Donors (will be mentioned on all correspondence channels and receive special media attention)

To support professional media coverage of the event, we are looking for Platinum Donors to co-finance the media work. Platinum donors will be presented with a video and will be able to share their personal message about Engineers' Day. They will be mentioned as special sponsors, in social media and on the website under Engineers' Day Donors and can participate in the networking event with several people. Amount: CHF 30'000.

Please let us know by 15 November 2022 at info@engineersday.ch how you would like to get involved in Engineers' Day 2023. We will then contact you to discuss how to proceed.

  • Active partners CHF 500
  • Silver Donors CHF 3'000
  • Gold Donors CHF 6'000
  • Platinum Donors CHF 30'000
Multiple nominations possible

Timetable 5th Engineers' Day on 4 March 2023

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.

Daniel Löhr und Christian Vils
Co-Founders Engineers’ Day

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