Explaining our profession with more emotion to the younger generation

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Interviewer: Stefano Guandalini, Head of the Italian-speaking Switzerland Region

This day is good for the entire engineering industry. It is important that the younger generations also learn positively about our interesting professional activities.

Answers from Stefano Guandalini, about Engineers' Day.

When and in what context did you first hear about Engineers' Day?
I first heard about Engineers' Day a few years ago (2020). I'm not sure, but probably the information arrived via usic.

Your company is now participating in Engineers' Day for the 2nd time as a donor. Why are you involved in this event?
Engineers like to celebrate, but there hasn't been a specific event like this to my knowledge. It is good for the engineering community to celebrate this day. It is important that the younger generation also hears something positive about our interesting activities.

What goal would you highlight as the most important priority in terms of your involvement in Engineers' Day or in everyday life?
Young engineers in general and girls in particular, and "do good and talk about it": engineers don't sell your services well enough.

Why do you think engineers and their achievements are not perceived enough in everyday life and what can engineers do about it?
Engineers are usually very focused on technology and less on communication. The general population doesn't always understand well what we do.

If you had one wish to be able to influence the promotion of young talent even more, who would it be and what would it be?
In my opinion, we should explain our profession better and also with emotion to the younger generation before they make the decision of further education.

Do you have any other wish in connection with Engineers' Day?

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